Caisse Desjardins des Versants Du Mont Royal has generously donated $5000 to support our Creative Media Lab. In particular, this money was donated to support a new initiative Spectrum has been working hard on. We will be creating an online portfolio section of our website that will feature professional skills and highlights for all our Creative Media Lab team, and in the future showcasing other Autistic Creatives from outside our studio walls. These portfolios will have bios, future goals, professional CV, Demo Reel plus more. 

You can check out a sample by clicking this image below

Our goal with this initiative is to continue to push our participants towards professional standards, and also to provide industry employers with a bank of Autistic talent so they can easily scan through our team members for direct recruitment, or so they can request to work with a creator on a project within Spectrum contract production work. This is just one initiative we are working on to bridge the gap between Spectrum Productions, and the growing film/tv industry in Montreal.

We are a small team but we have huge dreams for the community that we support. Donations like this mean we can dedicate our much needed time to building these portfolios which is an essential step for us as an organization to take in creating opportunities for all Autistic individuals.

A huge Wizard Donkey Thank you to everyone at Caisse Desjardins des Versants du Mont Royal for their generous donation.