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Ages 14+

Sunday: 10 am to noon

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Spectrum Productions’ Production Club program is a kinetic, action-packed filmmaking experience designed to teach aspiring movie lovers the tools to make their cinematic dreams come true! Through workshops and collaborative projects, our participants learn the basics and not-so-basics of the filmmaking process, developing their skills in storytelling, camera movement, blocking, montage techniques, narrative strategies, sound design and lots more! Production Club your weekly two-hour foray into media arts expression packed with creativity, teamwork, and fun!


First and foremost, we want to see that you have a passion for media creation. This can either be explored through practicing and exploring technical aspects, or directed towards producing your very own original work.

Second is a motivation to expand on the skills you may or may not already have.

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I like Spectrum because it’s a great place where you can let out your creativity. The best part about spectrum is that you always get to be yourself.
— Hunter C., participant