Christopher Dymond is from  Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Montreal. Chris first heard about Spectrum Productions when he was around 20 years old in Champlain College.

He was invited to the Friday Social Club of Spectrum and realized quickly that he wanted to spend more time here. Chris then participated in our summer camp program and soon after joined our Creative Media Lab

Chris’s passion for filmmaking was evident almost immediately. His drive to work on his craft, not only in our studios but in his own time, lead him to growing as a filmmaker and learning many valuable production skills. This also meant, that he was an obvious choice for paid production contracts.

Chris became part of our production team in 2015 and since then he has worked on numerous productions for Spectrum. He continues to grow, always passing on knowledge he has learnt to the people surrounding him.

Along with being Spectrum’s go to cameraperson, Chris has been directing and editing Peter Papaioannu’s Sweets with Pete series, which is shot here in the Spectrum Productions Studios. He has shot an edited over 50 episodes.

He is also passionate about being in front of the camera. He has played many roles over the years but most recently Chris appeared as Ragnarok in The Illusionist 3, a Summer Camp 2018 film produced by Spectrum Productions.

Here more from Chris below

Chris mentoring March Break Camp attendees

Chris mentoring March Break Camp attendees

Filming Sweets with Pete

Filming Sweets with Pete

Labyrinthe Atypique: the VR project Chris created with TOPO team

Labyrinthe Atypique: the VR project Chris created with TOPO team




  • MACART symposium (Toronto)

  • Azrieli Foundation Donation Thank you Video – McGill University Nuero Department

  • CAP Canadian Autism Partnership National Promo

  • Autism Ontario – Housing Promo (Toronto

  • Autism Awareness Senate Committee Initiative (Ottawa)

  • Lead Camera: Geneva Centre for Autism - Symposium Video

  • Sweets with Pete


  • Sweets with Pete (On going Series)

  • MACART symposium – Assistant Editor

  • Autism Ontario – Housing Promo (Assistant Editor)

  • My Documentary


Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe After Effects(beginner), Plural Eyes

Camera Operation DSLR’s