Spectrum Productions is more than a program provider. We are also passionate about partnering on creative sector research projects that provide opportunities for autistic creatives interested in co-design, participatory research, and research creation settings. In all endeavors we seek to explore and engage in opportunities that empower autistic voices and self-advocates to steer current research in media technology towards the value of creative expression or other fields related to our mandate.

See below for a few of the projects that Spectrum has facilitated or have been a community partner on.



biosignal interaction and personhood technology lab

mcgill university

Biomusic is a novel technology that translates physiological signals into auditory output. Pilot studies have indicated that biomusic has the ability to increase feelings of interpersonal connection and to generate awareness of the emotional state of the user.

In a recent SSHRC Connection event, possible applications of biomusic for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were explored during a 3-day workshop in Montreal. Outcomes of this workshop included a new collaboration between McGill researchers and one of the participating organizations, Spectrum Productions, whose vision is to provide meaningful employment and professional skills to young people with ASD. 

The project consists of a series of 5 participatory design workshops with Spectrum Productions in which their members will have the opportunity to appropriate biomusic tools and apply them directly in their workplace. 

This research is supported by a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (SSHRC 892-2017-2067).