New Age of Heroes: Cataclysm is coming out tomorrow and I would like to tell you about my character Alyster McCrae, aka the White Wolf. 

I have made them Spectrum’s first non-binary character! 

Alyster’s character and their role in the Spectrum Cinematic Universe has become much bigger since Illusionist 2 and I have had so much fun acting as a brave, bold and beautiful character! Much braver than me by far! 

It’s also a step in the right direction as popular films have been slow to accept a more diverse cast of heroes. It’s seen as a tough, ambitious thing to add a lgbt character to a cast, but as I have done, It’s a simple change to make to a character! I make sure Alyster is addressed as they/them, I wear both feminine and masculine clothes when I play them, and I address their identity directly in their origin story. 

I hope you are as thrilled as I am to see Cataclysm tomorrow, and accept the White Wolf as they are. 

You can read their origin story here: 

And watch them in the Illusionist Two: 

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White Wolf logo 2019.png
Sierra Vanderdeen