To bring together professionals in the media industry and the arts interested in hearing about Spectrum’s approach to developing inclusive hiring practices and exploring models that may work across professional settings. Barriers to training or integration into creative career settings do exist. However, we believe there are avenues that can address and overcome these challenges, so we can create more opportunities for autistic creatives.

With this panel, we would like to start a discussion about how we can focus our training and development efforts to prepare Spectrum’s team of talented autistic creatives for future opportunities. To do this, we ask you to join us for a presentation of Spectrum’s activities, followed by discussion, in which you can contribute your thoughts, reflections, and ideas to the conversation to help advance this movement.

Ultimately, the intention is to broaden the community of people interested in accessing the talents of autistic creatives in production roles, or the arts. If we can identify some practical pathways worth exploring, this will help us focus our training efforts to teach employable skills or prepare our team for opportunities in artistic careers. Providing opportunities to develop and practice skills through creation, and sharing the process and outcomes with our local community of media professionals and artists is how we believe change can develop!

Who is invited 

Professionals in media production, arts, and/or dissemination who have knowledge of workflow and creative process elements that could contribute to a systems level discussion.

Autistic creatives who can speak to production work and their experiences are especially welcome!


Panel discussion that starts with a description of Spectrum Productions efforts to develop inclusive pathways, a comparison of other models and trends, and an outline of our long term vision. Then we would like to hear perspectives and thoughts from our audience about practicalities, interest in social impact initiatives of this nature, and representation.

Our hope is to develop ideas for entry-level positions that may work in Montreal. This will help us to direct our training and learning opportunities that we provide in-house, bridging the gap between industry/artistic roles and the growing pool of autistic creatives.

We see our talented team creating and producing everyday. They share their career aspirations, ideas and motivations. Our interests lie in carving out pathways for these creators to see their talents applied in the artistic settings they strive to become part of creatively and economically.

Why is your contribution to this discussion important?

Spectrum Productions is looking to build a bridge from our growing talent pool, into professional production and post-production pipelines.

To do this, we need to hear from professionals in the field who can contribute practical ideas, share thoughts and insights, or brainstorm new approaches. Your input is absolutely essential to helping us achieve this!