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Summer camps have officially wrapped up and we have 12 films we cannot wait to show all of you at the gala on November 10th!

 And yes you read that right, only 12 films, not the 60 we usually made every summer. In past years, we have let each participant write and direct their own short film, and that was a great way to experience the creation process. It resulted in a full range of genres, mediums, and expressions! Although this was a lot of fun and there is still room for it in our other programs, it was not sustainable as our camps and vision continue to grow.

 That’s why we decided to put a real emphasis on collaboration this summer. We have really challenged ourselves this year by changing the way we make movies and teach filmmaking skills to the participants. With three main production groups working on one film each every camp, we are able to make some exceptional movies! There is a lot more work put into the writing, acting, and editing for each film since every participant and staff are able to do the parts of filmmaking they do best! The process has become so smooth that we are able to have a mini-screening of rough cuts from each group. This gives participants a taste of every part of the production process and making sure their creative voice is heard throughout.

 We want to give a huge thank-you to the participants for their creativity, and to the staff for their dedication!

 We hope to see you at the Rialto Theatre for the 10th Annual Spectrum Gala!!!

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It means more than you know!


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