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Over the last 9 years, we have proudly offered the most unique camp experience for youth and young adults looking to explore the filmmaking process. To celebrate our 10th year of making amazing, unique films we decided to take some time to reflect on our process. We sought feedback from filmmakers, staff and audiences. The result of all this: we are ready to push the ‘reset button’ on our camp and screening structures to enhance the Spectrum experience! (make the Spectrum experience even better!)

The biggest and most important part of the filmmaking process is collaboration. This is why, starting this year, each camp will produce 3 collaborative films, instead of individual projects for each camper. Participants will learn what it is like to work as a team and create a higher quality film, working on all the stages of production during camp. We believe that this will not only improve the flow of camp, but will also further strengthen the environment of teamwork and friendship and reduce the possible stress around producing a unique individual project. We have previously produced a number of collaborative films and we have found that the team experience for both participants and staff is richer and more fulfilling. We have been able to refine this format over the years, so we are confident that this is the right decision for camps,

The total of 12 summer films produced over 4 camp sessions will be showcased at our 10th Annual Gala and screening. This will also leave space in the Gala program to include media from our other programs, which run 7 days a week throughout the school year. In this way, we can showcase and celebrate more of Spectrum’s creators.


  • Spectrum is more than just a summer camp, we now have many programs that focus on more in-depth career and creative development.

  • We want to improve camp experience and offer a more complete introduction to the filmmaking process for summer camps.

  • We want to improve the quality of our productions during summer camps and make sure we dedicate enough time to each step, from start to finish, during the duration of camp.

  • 60 films (our previous formula!) are way too many films for us to finish within the time of camp, and this means that our team would have to complete the final steps of post-production without creators present.

  • We want to make summer camps a more collaborative and social experience and reduce the stress and competition that may arise making individual films.

  • Spectrum Productions is always evolving.




How will films be selected?

All 3 films for each camp will be created and developed by the participants on the first couple of days. Participants will be broken up into teams for each film based on which project they want to work on.

Can I make my own film?

We will be encouraging everyone to participate in the collaborative process. That being said, if you have extra time and you want to explore specific media skills, you will be able to work on individual ideas. These individual films will not be screened at the Gala but will have other options like Spectrum Fest in April and online release. Keep in mind that we cannot dedicate a team of people to production and post-production for individual projects, so these films will be in the realm of personal exploration. Spectrum will not be completing post-production on individual projects after. If you start an individual project during the summer, you will be able to finish it in other programming, such as Production Club, Saturday Cartoons, Creative Media Lab and others.

Can I write an idea for a group project in advance?

Yes, we would love to see ideas created before camps. Keep in mind that just because you did the work, this doesn’t guarantee that the group will choose your idea for 1 of the 3 films. Remember, if you are writing your own idea, all camp attendees will have input and the script will be reviewed and revised by the whole team. Ideas that make room for many acting roles and technical contributions will be favoured over films that are less adaptable to a team.

How long will the films be?

The films will be 5 minutes if 3 films are chosen, if there is less ideas we can make the films longer. *** (Advanced camp films will be a maximum of 7 minutes long).

How will participants be credited at the screening?

All team members for each film will be credited as directors, with individual contributions credited separately, e.g. storyboard artist, editors, music composers, sound design, camera operator, etc.

How will the films be higher quality than before?

Having 3 films to work on instead of 15-18 each camp means we can allocate staff to focus more on the individual stages of production. It means we have more time with the participants to design the overall direction and look. Better executed FX, better sound, time for composing music, and much much more. We can get professional staff in for each stage and in turn pass that training on to you, the participants.

How many people attend camp?

Each camp accepts 16 participants, except Advanced Camp, where we accept 18 participants.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can sign up by filling out the online registration form. Your spot is confirmed when you send 200$ deposit. We accept the following payment methods: cash, checks to Spectrum Productions, e-transfers to, PayPal transfers, credit cards (please ask us to send you a credit card payment request).

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