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Returning participants must re-register for each new term. Please confirm if you would like to continue attending the program you are currently signed up for by sending an email to before the deadlines given below.

Priority re-registration is given to those who are currently attend a program. If you would like to maintain your spot, you must respect the re-enrollment deadline. Anyone not registered by the deadline will lose their priority and the spot will become available to the wait list.

Registration Deadlines for Returning Participants:

Term Programs 

Creative Media Lab, Production Club, Girls Production Club, Saturday Cartoons, Advanced Saturday Cartoons, Friday Social Club, Aftershool

Fall Term (September – December) *Registration deadline – June 30th annually.

Winter/Spring Term (January – June) *Registration deadline – December 10th annually.

Film Camps

March Break (follows school calendars) – registration opens each year on December 1st.

Summer Camp (June-August) – registration opens each year on February 1st.


All programs are currently running at capacity. However, we encourage all who are interested in attending to formally register to be added to our short wait list – you will be contacted when a spot opens up.


  • Please consult the program calendar above for programming dates and term costs.


  • FULL PAYMENT is due on the first day of programming.

  • Receive an additional 5% reduction if you enroll in more than one program 

  • If needed, please contact to arrange for a payment plan agreement

  • *** If you sign up for the term – and receive the term price discount, you will not be able to make up missed sessions***


  1. Cash 

  2. Cheque (payable to Spectrum Productions) 

  3. E-transfer to

  4. Credit card – Please contact the office for a PayPal request.


 Staff currently spend extended periods in the lobby waiting for T.A.  Beginning in September, this accompaniment service will be available upon request, but cannot be guaranteed due to staff availability.

 Approval will be based on use of methods that will reduce staff wait times during drop-off and pick-up of participants including: use of cell phone app for tracking participants; or participants calling when 5 minutes away/downstairs ; T.A. account status approved for the participant to go from taxi to Spectrum studio alone ; and others.

 By using this service, you agree to pay for: 

1) staffing costs over 15 minutes wait due to long wait times, hourly rate $18, OR 

2) if TA is missed, a Taxi/Uber fare based on staff discretion. 


*Note that every effort will be made to use the cheapest option within our capacity. Costs will be applied to your account and payment due upon receipt. A record of trip will be available when Uber is used.