Spectrum provides Hunter with an outlet where he can further develop his creative side and animation skills without any limitations. The touching friendships he has made during social social club, production club and summer camp have extended outside of Spectrum. Hunter has gained so much independence and displays such pride in the amazing films he creates in Spectrum’s supportive and informative environment. I can not recommend Spectrum Productions highly enough!
— Sandra F., parent
Spectrum benefits Robin by providing him a supportive environment to express himself.
Spectrum is a place where Robin is not just accepted as he is, it’s a place that celebrates and values his unique way of seeing the world.
We chose Spectrum because of its institutional values and its devoted staff.
The best things about Spectrum are how much Robin loves to go there, and his meaningful connection with other participants and staff.
— Jenn B., parent


I like Spectrum because it’s a great place where you can let out your creativity. The best part about spectrum is that you always get to be yourself.
— Hunter C., participant
It’s like home”
“Everyone there is like family”
“They say it takes a village...Spectrum Productions is my village”
— Vincent L., participant
My son has been participating in different programs at Productions Spectrum for several years now. Right now he is in enrolled in Production Club, and he loves every minute of it!
Productions Spectrum has given my son the opportunity to express himself, and to tap into some hidden talents that would have otherwise never been discovered. The staff at Productions Spectrum help the participants learn all aspects of video production while, at the same time, letting them be themselves. The staff there are great, they encourage, help, and have fun with them all at the same time. They help each participant individually to develop their own ideas and talents.
I wish them continued success, and congratulate them on what they accomplished so far.
— Carmie C., parent
The wonderful environment of Spectrum provides Lindsay with a structured outlet for his creative side. The team provides a unique environment for artists to explore, create, learn and enjoy developing the craft. Respectful, supportive , dynamic and professional are only a few scratch the surface when trying to convey the truly original platform. Our son thoroughly enjoys every aspect of his involvement with Spectrum and we are so thankful to have discovered this gem!
— Lynn E., parent
I like to go to Spectrum Productions because I like to act in movies, and I like to edit movies, and draw animation slides. Felipe is a worker there who cares a lot about us and the studio. I love to go to the Gala to see the movies we made at the studio. Going to Spectrum Productions has made me more confident, and It gives me the urge to learn new things. I love going there!
— Daniel F., participant
Spectrum Productions gives me an opportunity to work on what I like and find interesting. To be creative in my own way. The staff is extremely helpful and encouraging. They teach us and guide us throughout the whole process and make it fun at the same time. I also love the fact that I can meet and work with new people. To me, we are one big Spectrum family.
— Alex K., participant