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Ages 10 +

Saturday: 10 am to noon

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In this program participants work together to create their own animated short films, with a focus on fun, collaboration and socializing in a supportive environment. Storytelling skills are developed through hand-drawn and stop-motion animations and then applied to digital and post-production processes.and to socialize in a supportive environment. Focusing on fun and encouraging collaboration, storytelling skills are developed through hand-drawn and stop-motion animations, then applied to digital and post-production processes.

Run by animation wizard Felipe Arasanz. Learn how to get your unique ideas in motion!


A desire to explore animation in any of its forms.

A desire to work in a room full of others excited about creating.


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“Spectrum benefits my son on several levels. Firstly, he loves learning the making of cartoons and short films. This has motivated him to ensure his household responsibilities are planned around attending his group. He has met new friends with common interests. He learned the metro map to be sure he can get there autonomously. Although the principle goal is to animate, the learning ripples to many other areas. The best thing about Spectrum is the community building!”
— Liz Blair, Parent
Papersons 2 - by Brendan Giglio 2016

Papersons 2 - by Brendan Giglio 2016

Metroid Fight - by Mankaran Singh 2017

Metroid Fight - by Mankaran Singh 2017

Uniters of Team Nova - by Jordan Astles - 2017

Uniters of Team Nova - by Jordan Astles - 2017




Q: What’s going on?

A: Saturday Morning Cartoons is a collective of participants developing their very own animated classics that will be released and promoted through Spectrum Productions’ own social media platforms!

Q: I can’t draw. Can I still come if I want to make an animation?

A: No. Just kidding! Animation can take many forms. Stop motion and image manipulation just to name a few. There are many creative ways to tell a story and Saturday Morning Cartoons is a place to explore different approaches to the art form.

Q: Doesn’t animation take a long time? What if I don’t finish my project in a session?

A: All of our media is saved and archived so that you can return for another session to finish your project.

Q: I have an idea for a 3 hour epic! I got the story all up here (points to head). So how long will that take? Two weeks?

A: Whoa, whoa, easy there, partner! Animation is a fun but time-consuming process. We encourage our participants to focus on animated shorts ranging from 5 seconds to 2-minutes. If you have a larger idea, think of creating a shorter version as your “proof of concept” to showcase your imagination.

Q: Where is Spectrum Productions?

A: 5445 Ave de Gaspe Montreal QC

Q: Do I need to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum to attend programming?

A: It is our mandate to be accessible to autistic creators but, providing space in the program, we have never turned anyone away. All you need is the motivation to make animation.


Q: Do you give homework? I got so many classes already.

A: Nope! Just come in and work on your animations!

Q: How do I sign up?

A: We typically have an intake process that begins with a meeting at the studio and a questionnaire interview. From there, you can inform us of your intention to enroll in our programming and we will respond with the registration information, whether you are in the program or on the waiting list in the event that the program is full.

Q: How many participants are in the program at a time. I don’t like big crowds.

A: The capacity for the Saturday Morning Cartoons program is currently 12 participants and growing as we grow as an organization!

Q: What do you use to animate? Like AppleMovies or something?

A: Our staff are trained in a multitude of industry standard media programs such as the latest editions of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and AfterEffects in the Adobe Creative Cloud. As well, we animate on Toon Boom Harmony Essentials and Storyboard Pro for 2D animations and for stop motion animation we use DragonFrame. Finally, there are a number of accessible apps on our 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets such as the popular FlipaClip, Stop Motion Studio, Pixel Animator, and are open to exploring more!