Opportunities for Autism


Spectrum Productions had a landmark year of growth and innovation in 2017. Awareness of our programs and services spread and our social enterprise grew in earnings, employment opportunities and reputation. We launched Production Club started in September to meet participant demand and ran our first successful pilot camp and screening in Toronto, in partnership with the Geneva Center for Autism.

Reflecting on these successes and the positive impact our unique programming has created for so many brings me a lot of personal satisfaction. Starting as a week-long summer camp back in 2009, we’ve evolved into a year-round operation, running seven days a week, offering eight different programs. Running alongside our programming, our production services doubled in size: a sleek social enterprise that promotes organizational sustainability and employment opportunities. Unique in North America, we offer a space that encourages collaboration and community. This is central to our mission of storytelling through all types of media creation.

From Spectrums’ humble beginnings, to the current dynamic variety of programming, a growing social enterprise securing our sustainability, our talented staff team, and a skilled board of directors firmly guiding the way - we are forging new pathways into industry, the arts and celebrating autistic creativity and talent everywhere we go.

Building Spectrum from the outset with co-founder Liam O’Rourke has truly been a defining and fulfilling part of my life. With Liam moving on to a new and exciting project in Halifax in 2017, I wish him all the best personally and from our whole team. Fortunately for Spectrum, he will continue to be involved as a member of our talented board.

Our success in bringing our ideas to fruition would not have been possible without the incredible support we’ve received from our participants and their families, the board, sponsors, volunteers and our growing community of supporters. My sincere thanks to you all. This year, special mention goes to the growing and dedicated staff that have stepped up to help reshape Spectrum for this next chapter. We could not have reached this exciting place of potential and growth without this especially committed team.

As Spectrum grows, we strive to maintain the transparent process the organization was built on, steering our development to fully incorporate the ideas of the youth we provide opportunities for. Spectrum aims to empower our participants by building an organization not for them, but with them.


Daniel Tenveen
Executive Director

Christopher Dymond, Creative Media Lab

Christopher Dymond, Creative Media Lab