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Ages 14+

Saturday: 1pm - 4pm

Due to the increasing demand and growing talent emerging from our animation department, Spectrum Productions is proud to unveil a brand new Advanced Saturday Matinee Cartoons program!  

This program allows participants to expand on their acquired animation and storytelling skills, taking them to the next level in an extended format of 3 hour sessions on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. With a focus on a project-based animation pipeline, participants will have a chance to develop and plan out their workflow for their own short animated films. They will also be given opportunities to contribute to larger group animation projects with some fun challenges and exercises along the way, broadening their understanding of the process from A to Z. Advanced Saturday Matinee Cartoons promises to be an illuminating animation experience full of movement, stories, experimentation, and donkey magic.


An understanding of animation and animation software.

A desire to work in a room full of others excited about creating.


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“Spectrum benefits my son on several levels. Firstly, he loves learning the making of cartoons and short films. This has motivated him to ensure his household responsibilities are planned around attending his group. He has met new friends with common interests. He learned the metro map to be sure he can get there autonomously. Although the principle goal is to animate, the learning ripples to many other areas. The best thing about Spectrum is the community building!”
— Liz Blair, Parent
Papersons 2 - by Brendan Giglio 2016

Papersons 2 - by Brendan Giglio 2016

Metroid Fight - by Mankaran Singh 2017

Metroid Fight - by Mankaran Singh 2017

Uniters of Team Nova - by Jordan Astles - 2017

Uniters of Team Nova - by Jordan Astles - 2017