Spectrum strives to ensure all our activities are accessible, are committed to treating everyone with equity, continually learning and improving our access initiatives. However, we also acknowledge that a variety of barriers still do exist, and will work towards addressing issues by priority as we have time and capacity.


The wide variety of programs offered continue to increase our accessibility, which grows in parallel with organizational capacity. We are continually building new initiatives to make our content creation space open to all, but based on our limited resources, we prioritize initiatives that help people overcome barriers to artistic practice or other creative modes of expression, and gain training, production, and employment opportunities.


To address financial need, we are launching and actively developing scholarship opportunities for individuals who have both a passion for media creation and limited finances.Scholarships are open to everyone, across all programs and will be awarded by our Board of Directors, with recommendations from our core team based on available funds and alignment with core organizational values. Funds are limited, so not all who apply will be awarded financial support. Checkout our Scholarship PageHERE.


Our studio is located in the Plateau area of Montreal in a commercial building. Parking is often difficult to find so we recommend taking public transit, walking or biking. Driving works well, if it is drop-off and pick-up so we can coordinate meeting downstairs.A coordinated meeting point can be arranged in the downstairs lobby for participants who arrive and depart by car.We are able to provide some limited navigation supports, but this is on a case-by-case basis in accordance with staff capacity and must be arranged ahead of time.

METRO The closest metro station is Laurier, though Rosemont is the accessible station equipped with an elevator.

TRANSPORTE ADAPTE By request, with up to date TA information and pre-approved scheduling of rides, we do provide some support in accessing this service. However, we do have some policies due to the unpredictability of using this service and resulting costs and time impacts. To apply to use this service for traveling to and from our studio, please inquire about the potential by sending an email to


The building complex has wheelchair access through the parking garage, and via the wheelchair ramp located at the 5455 end of the building, corner Gaspe and St. Viateur next to walking path. There are accessible public washrooms marked by gender on the main floor of the building, and outside our studio on the 4th floor.


The lighting in our studio is fluorescent, with LED converted bulbs in our main room.


Our studio is scent free, and we ask that people visiting do not wear scents, or make every effort to reduce scents.


Due to the potential for allergic reaction, we generally avoid food that commonly produce reactions, but also ask that everyone notify us of any allergies before arriving.


Climate control is regulated by an in-studio air conditioning unit, when it is hot enough to necessitate. The building owner controls the rest of the heating controls.


They are very welcome in our space, but we do ask every one notify us in advance so we can prepare any accommodations needed or preferred.

Please check our full ACCESSIBILITY page here